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★★★★★ Bonjour, le code ne marche pas , je ne sais pas pourquoi, je suis au Sénégal
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Crossfire Xbox ONE
Crossfire Xbox ONE

Crossfire Xbox ONE

Date de sortie: 2020
Langues Multilangues
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CrossfireX delivers an intense first-person shooter experience where players are immersed in a sprawling global conflict between the world’s two most formidable private military factions: Global Risk employs veterans of powerful armed forces who use advanced technologies to fight for order and security; Black List employs hardened mercenaries trained in guerilla tactics who fight to destabilize oppressive regimes in the name of freedom. Choose your side and complete objective-based missions across a variety of classic and innovative modes featuring tightly crafted gameplay and cinematic visuals.
Date de sortie 2020